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Menu Breakfast

Menu Breakfast

December 17, 20232024-02-13 3:38

Savor Breakfast at The Café Lotus

A Culinary Journey Amidst Ubud's Tranquil Beauty
Embark on a culinary escapade at The Café Lotus, where breakfast is a celebration of flavors amidst the tranquil allure of Ubud Water Palace and the Lotus Pond. Choose from four curated options for each course, allowing each bite to be a sensory delight against the enchanting surroundings.
Savor main courses that seamlessly blend innovation with classic breakfast favorites, creating a visual and palate-pleasing experience. Our carefully crafted sides and bakery selections reflect the freshness of the Lotus Pond, ensuring a brief yet immersive culinary journey. Complement your meal with refreshing fruit juices and the robust essence of Bali coffee or Indonesian tea, infusing a local charm into your breakfast. Join us at The Café Lotus for a morning of culinary elegance, warm hospitality, and the joy of savoring each moment amidst the captivating ambiance of Ubud Water Palace and Lotus Pond. Your extraordinary breakfast experience awaits!

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